About Me

I’m currently a second-year undergraduate student at Kyoto University Department of Global Engineering. While pursuing civil engineering as my future career, I also do geography and web development as a hobby.

What I'm currently doing

  1. 🏙️ I'm studying civil engineering as an International Course Program student at Kyoto University starting from April 2021. I haven’t decided yet, but I’m leaning toward urban planning and transportation engineering as my specialization.
  2. 🌏 During my high school-university break, I started a geography reference blog, Supergeografi. I wrote all of the articles and manages the technical side of the website.
  3. 📜 At Edufia , an olympiad education startup, I managed the EduClass product and responsible for mentor-related affairs.
  4. I’m part of the Indonesian Students' Association in Japan (PPIJ), serving in the public relations division.
  5. 🏫 I’m open to teach geography. I can be reached by email or through my social media.️

About this website

On this website I will write stories about my life journey, including my life as an international student in a Japanese university, and my experience of being involved in several interesting projects. This website will also contain articles about programming, especially in website development. I started to develop my blog/portofolio since May 2021. This personal website utilizes JAMstack framework and built using GatsbyJS.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on this website are my own and do not reflect the views of any insitution or company I am affiliated with. This website solely become the platform to share my personal thought(s).

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